A dream of each climber


mythical mountain
possible from July to mid-September

Any climber dreams of climbing one day this mythical mountain !
Although technically difficult and despite some fixed ropes in place, his ascent requires a good physical conditions and a good footing like “chamois”. A climbing base can be very useful. Knowing this mountain for having climbed it many times, I propose courses that optimize technical and acclimatization for a better success of the summit !
Proposed over 4 or 5 days with very different programs.
The session can be completed in just 3 days with a day of climbing together before climbing the Cervin which is for me essential for a good cohesion.

For having the obvious security for climbing the Cervin, one person per guide only.
In case a cession start with 2 climbers, a second guide will join us to Zermatt.


Reserved for acclimated people
3 days – Price starting from 1 600 € (2 persons) to 1 750 € (1 person)
technical level : **
physical level : ***

You have make a regular practice of the mountain and you are acclimated, you can consider the ascension like that.
We will do a small course together before quietly joining the Hornli hut at 3 260 m the next day. The ascent of the Cervin will be climb the 3rd day.


SESSION – From Chamonix to Zermatt

Optimize your chances of climbing this incredible pyramid
5 days – Price starting from 2090 € (2 persons) to 2490€ (1 person)
Departure of the course possible with 2 pers.
technical level : **
physical level : ***

The first day of the course will be specified to the technical on Chamonix (or elsewhere) with a small course on rock.
Transfer to Zermatt early the second day. We will apply the technicals on the half crossing Breithorn to more than 4000 m. After a night in a beautiful little hut facing the Cervin and a quiet morning, we will walk to our mountain for the hut at the bottom of the route.
Nice day of rest, meditation in front of our goal of the next day.
The last long day to reach the summit will be a great reward to our efforts.
It will always be possible to add a day to this course if walking too slowly we want a peaceful going down without stress.


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