Once the project has been decided, you will confirm the program by paying 30% deposit
which also implies adherences to the conditions below.

Meteorology, snow conditions may vary and impose changes designed to preserve the safety of all and the feasibility of the activity. The physical and spychological condition of the participants as their technical level can also lead to a modification of the program initially planned...
Any changes will be presented to the team.Being responsible nonetheless for the safety of the activity, I will take the decision for a possible change of objective or program.

For the supervision of the activies, the amounts indicated in the heading "tariff" are the fees I perceive.
My accommodation, ski lift ( not in Chamonix ) or other expenses are the responsibility of the participants.

If for reasons beyond my control, I have to cancel a project, the amounts paid will be refunded in full to you.
In case of cancellation on your part, the deposit will be kept.

The balance of the fees due is settled at the end of the program.
An invoice can be sent on request

Being often in contact with the teams on the mountain, guardians of the refuges, snow trackers, guardians of the National Park, I have a constant update of the conditions of the mountains. I am therefore able to make for you reservations when it is possible to make them directly with the guardians of the refuges..
If reservations can only be made though a website imposing a deposit, I would ask you to make the reservation for the team ( including guide )

I am a guide within the SNGM, the union of French guides, so I am insured in professional civil liability. You will need to protech yourself from the consequences of an accident causing you personal injury or damage you may cause to another participants or a third party in the course of the activity.
I recommend that each participant take out a person's insurance covering civil liability.

( (third party insurance), search and rescue relief and repatriation assistance. Several solutions are possible : membership of Federation ( FSGT, FFME, FFcam ) managed by private insures like the insurance of the "vieux campeur" who works worlwide

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