Free skiing

Skiing in total liberty

For one day or several days

Alpin ski, is no more fun ? You need more " real" nature, more into the wild ? You know how to ski and you are a little fit ? So you will like the ski touring. You can trie with mountain guide this winter activity

From off pist to touring ski, there is one step.
From beginner who can taste the ski touring pleasure in one day, to intermediate/expert skiers whant to cross the Alps mountain like Chamonix/Zermatt or Grand Paradis tour...

FRANCE. One day around Chamonix

The ski touring front of Mont Blanc
On the day : 400€ / Group to 4 persons, 6 max. (A mountain guide + security gears)
Technical level : from * to ***
Physical level : from** to ***
Date : Departure each sunday in collectivity and for individuel group when you want.

The Mont Blanc aera offers an exeptional space for to do ski touring
To enjoy of beautiful dazy and better snow, you could go, depending snow conditions, on Vallee Blanche or the Aiguille Rouge aera or futher Les Aravis and also Swisserland and Italie .

SWITZERLAND – Mountain ski to the Hospice of Grand Saint Bernard

A gentle mountain ski in a welcoming atmosphere
3 days – Price from 510 € / person
Technical level : *
Physical level : **
Date : from february to may

From the beginning of winter until late spring, the hospice of Grand St Bernard welcomes us for mountain ski rather quiet, with some pearls however !!

ITALY – The Grand Paradis 4 061 m

Ideal raid for a 1st 4 000 m !
3 days – Price from 390 € / person
Technical level : **
Physical level : ***
Date :at the end april 2022

A smooth start for this mini-raid that will take us to the top of the highest all-Italian summit ! The ascent of a pass or the summit of the Tresenta (3,600 m) will make a good preparation for the rise of this magnificent belvedere for skiing (slope at 30 ° max).

FRANCE – The big tour of the Meije by the Grande Ruine

A complete raid, a beautiful crossing of the Ecrins massif and beautiful descents
4 days – Price from 400 € / person
Technical level : ***
Physical level : ***
Date : at the middle april 2022

From the cable car of the Grave, this raid presents us beautiful downhills, short technical passages, crampon. It is a crossing of the massif by pretty passes which ends in apotheosis to the Grande Ruine and its giant descent (1 800 m !!) on Villard d'Arêne.

SWITZERLAND – The 4 000 m of Saas Fee

Four 4 000 m in 4 days !!
4 days - Price from 420 € / pers
Technical level : **
Physical level : **
Date : start beginning april 2022

From Saaf Fee station we will start with the Alpine metro at 3 500 m, we will go for a glacier raid with all its 4 000 m. We will climb 4 of them, the second 4 000 m we will ski with ae light bag because we will come back sleeping to the Brittania hut. Magical Night at winter Tashutte's Cabin no opened and Wood Stove !

ITALIE. Grand Paradis tour

One of the best hight tour
6 days – Price from 700 € / person
Technical level : ***
Physical level : ***
Date : around april 2022

This is for me one the tour the most various. With soft departure and exceptional summits and so beautiful off piste, and the highter Italie Summit at 4000m.!

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