Mountain guide UIAGM

From the passion of the mountain in amateur to the profession of guide

"My" philosophy ", to transmit to you this good feeling in the mountains"

After studying geometric topographer in the south, I arrive inChamonix in a family surveyor's office. It is by chance of course that I settle in Chamonix, the mountain as the sea attracts so many young "adventurers" ...
This proximity to one of the most beautiful mountain massif has allowed me a quick learning of the mountain.
The passage of the guide examination was done naturally in 1994 and in 2000 I decided to start only in the profession of high mountain guide

My favorite activities :

Ice climbing, mountain skiing, climbing in the Calanques south of france, guiding my clients up to 7 000 m or trekking in Nepal
Guiding my clients in their progress, 6 000 m, 7 000 m and more.( one client at Makalu summit,8475m, two clients at Manaslu summit, 8165m)

But especially change activity depending on the season, that's what is great !

Some examples of what I like :

- The Big Walls climbing, which are really trips requiring quite advanced technical progress knowledge and a little bit of mentality
- Take young people from 8 years old on treks to Nepal
- Guiding clients to 6 000 m and accompany them in their progresses even higher, why not at 8 000 m !
- Learning ! Session of roped ice or rock and also ski touring Guide also to the l'Anena, I propose formations snow and avalanches

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