Technical and physical levels

The sucess of an ascent :
The right balance between your technical level,
physical and the choice of your goal.

Here is a system that aims to help you evaluate. .
If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact me to talk about it.

* : Stay accessible to any participant able to walk on the basis of an average positive of 200 meters/hour. An effort of 4 to 8 hours does not scare you.
** : The activities will be between 5 to 7 hours. You are able to walk at an average rate of 250 to 300 meters/hour.
*** : The activities will be at least 8 hours, you are in very good physical condition, able to walk at 300 to 400 meters/hour.
**** : Long day ! The whole day will be more than 12h.

* : Up to 600m of denivelation, 3h to 5h hiking on good trail.
** : From 600 to 900m of denivelation, 5h to 7h hikking on varied terrain.
*** : + 1000 m denivelation, +6h30 hikking on mountaion terrain.
**** : Trekking in hight mountain, on difficult terrain and/or duration > 10 days.

*: You have only a little experience or non at all. Beginners level.
** : Your practice is already more regular and you even may be already climbed somes routes outside. You know the most common ropes using ( knots, abseil...) Your level is 5b/5c behind the leader
*** : You 've already climbed a cliff and even done some big walls.You want to perct yourself and why not climb your first piches in adventure field.You use to climb in 6a.
**** : Your climbing level is already relatively high.You've already climbed a big wall with equipped and trad climbing.You are already climbing at 6b or more and you want to discover new playground.

* : You have never used crampons but hike regularly.Discovery of the high mountain.
** : You have already used crampons and you have done some courses on summits mentioned" little difficulty".
*** : You are used to the mountain, you have already done a few itineraries little dissicult in different types of terrain. You are now considerable more difficult.
**** : You are autonomous in PD/AD courses and you want discover new practices or improve yourself if an activity.

* : You are a skier of red slopes with an easy ease.
** : You regularly ski the black slopes and you ski already outside the slopes.
*** : You are used to ski the black slopes and you practice ski touring.
**** : A regular fan of off piste, your level allows you to ski all slopes in all different snow. This level allows you to consider steeper slopes

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